Solid Steel Sign Ground Screw Anchor

Our Sign Ground screws provide a sturdy, permanent, yet removable and re-usable foundation for all Address America signs. Quick to install without the need for concrete or post hole, our ground screw dramatically reduce labor and saves time and effort.


Once you have marked the desired location, insert a screwdriver into the hole on the side of the ground screw and simply drive screw into the ground until the screw is fully into the ground and lip is ground level, insert post, and tighten screw on side.

Premium No Dig Ground Screw – Offers an easy and clean way to install your sign damage free.

*Screw in design

*Strong, and made of quality steel.

*Permanent and reusable

*Highly recommended for Address America Standard Post Signs

*Recommended for most soil types.

*Allows your sign more inches above ground.

*Ready to install - Easy to use

*No digging, removing soil or waiting to pour concrete.

*Saves time and effort

*100% Recyclable and Environmentally Safe