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Address America was founded in 1992 when David Ashley first decided to tackle the problem of hard-to-find homes. Years before, while he was out delivering firewood, David noticed how hard it was to find a home by its address number. This challenge was even more difficult at night or in the rain. In 1991, the problem of poorly addressed homes became personal to David and his family, as a family member nearly lost his life because an ambulance could not find his home. Even though that home had the address number painted on the curb, the ambulance could not find it quickly and easily.

David began working on a design for a sign that would be beautiful, visible from from both directions, and easy to read in all weather conditions. It was at that time when he made the very first Nightvision Reflective Address Sign. This first sign went in David's front yard in 1992. A few days later, he sold the first address sign in Jackson, MS.

Since that day, over one million address signs have been sold around the United States and in other countries. David has redefined the standard for effective home addressing products and saved an unknown number of lives.

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