Boardwalk DIY Reflective Lawn Address Sign 48" Post

Elevate Your Home's Safety with Our Customizable Reflective Address Sign Kit

Enhance the visibility of your home address round the clock, in any weather, with our all-inclusive Reflective Address Sign Kit. Crafted with ultra-reflective materials, this kit ensures maximum clarity for your address, making it an invaluable addition to your home safety measures.

This complete kit comes with all the essentials for easy customization, allowing you to create a stunning and highly visible address sign that could potentially save precious seconds during critical emergency situations.

Since 1992, Address America has been at the forefront of crafting top-notch address signs. We take pride in presenting our latest innovation, a meticulously designed 911 address sign that combines functionality with an aesthetic appeal, all ready for your personal touch.


  • Boardwalk Sign attached to an 18" post
  • 30” post with an extender to reach 48" in total
  • A premium solid aluminum finial top piece
  • 44 super reflective 4" numbers for clear visibility
  • Simple and clear picture assembly instructions; the process takes just 15 minutes

The assembly process is a breeze, taking a mere 10-15 minutes from start to finish. A hammer is the only tool needed to attach the extra post and extender to your sign. Once assembled and customized, your address sign will not only exude elegance but also bolster the safety and security of your loved ones.

Invest in your family's well-being and add an elegant touch to your property. Discover the best in home address signs—shop at Address America today!