Boardwalk DIY Reflective Lawn Address Sign 48" Post

Build Your Own Reflective Address Sign With This Address Sign Kit

  • Comes with everything you need to customize your own address sign

This beautiful home address sign can help save your life during emergency situations when every second matters. Address America began making the world's best address signs in 1992. Now, more than 30 years later, we are proud to offer you our latest design for a ready-to-customize sign! We are proud of this 911 address sign, and we know you will love yours.


This Reflective Yard Address Sign Kit includes:

  • Boardwalk Sign attached to an 18" post
  • 30” post with an extender to bring the total post length to 48"
  • A solid aluminum finial top piece
  • 44 of our 4" super reflective numbers
  • Easy to follow picture assembly instructions--assembly takes around 15 minutes

Ready to protect your family and add some beauty to your home? Shop Address America for the best home address signs!


From start to finish, it should only take about 10-15 minutes to apply numbers and assemble the post. A hammer is required for connecting the extra post and extender to your sign. Once assembled and customized, your sign will look beautiful and increase the security of those you love. Thanks to the super reflective numbers on your sign, your home will be identifiable day or night in almost any weather condition.

The Importance of Having a 911 Address Sign

In a medical emergency, every second counts! Paramedics, firefighters, and police officers are trained to rush to your aid when you need medical attention. They know that time is their greatest enemy! The odds of surviving a medical emergency are often directly related to the time it takes for emergency medical help to arrive.

According to the American Heart Association, for every minute that emergency medical treatment is delayed, the odds of surviving a heart attack are reduced by 7-10%. Every single minute that paramedics spend looking for your house reduces your and your family's chance of survival. Don't make it harder for them to find your home with small address number plaques mounted on your house. Protect your family and enhance your home's beauty with Address America!