Boardwalk Reflective Address Sign with Custom Name Rider and Solar Light Topper

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 On a peaceful fall night in September 1992, Address America founder David Ashley’s father-in-law, Hilton, suffered an embolism at home, a potentially fatal blood clot that can kill without warning. Hilton’s wife Lina dialed 911 and anxiously waited for the medics, but the ambulance passed their house many times, unable to find them.


For far too long, this story has presented itself across America every day.




Address America is on a mission to provide every home with our radical and innovative address signs.


Benefits of an Address America Sign:

• Guides Drivers

• Saves Lives

• Beautifies Your Home


We create ornamental signs that provide a life-changing solution for home location issues. Here’s more...







Over the years, we’ve heard countless stories about how our signs helped guide emergency services to the right address, conserving resources and saving lives. It’s an honor and privilege to be serving communities this way, not just in our hometown but all across North America.



Our signs are designed specifically for one main purpose: TO MAKE YOUR ADDRESS EASY TO SEE!








Our team prides itself on delivering an outstanding customer experience, that’s why every sign is shipped ready to install. We start by cutting a steel tube to 47 inches, then painting it black (a powder-coated process - more durable than traditional painting). We then attach our exclusively designed polypropylene bracket to the post with galvanized bolts and powder coated nuts. All is weatherproofed for extreme environments.



Other signs (like solar) require batteries, electricity and maintenance. Not these. We created every sign variation with the intention to make it easier on our customers to get the perfect sign up in their yard or RV.


Set it and forget it.


Our signs never need painting and will never rust. They just keep looking lovely, year after year!