Address America Rose Reflective Double Sided Address Sign With Solar Light


Display your address with this premium, hand-crafted Rose Reflective Double Sided Address Sign, made of engineer-grade materials for optimal reflectivity and maximum durability. Its stainless steel bolts and powder-coated aluminum name rider resist rust, ensuring your address number is visible day and night, in any weather condition. Offered on a 48" or 58" post and topped with a soft glowing decorative solar lamp. Help emergency responders, delivery drivers, friends, and family find your home quickly. Stay safe in critical situations with this beautiful, reliable address sign. 

Solar Lamp ships separately and may arrive a couple days before or after sign. This sign makes a great gift. 

Product Dimensions:     

Rose Design Bracket: 9.75"H x 16.5"L x .5"W

Number Plaque: 6"h x 16" L 

Solar Lamp: 6"H  x  4" 

Text: 4.25" H

Offered on a 47" or 58" Post