Trident Aluminum Finial Fence Topper Multi Pack

Multipack Quantity Value

Rejuvenate your fencing with our Trident Aluminum Finial. Easy to tap on and replace broken or missing pieces, these finials will make your fence look beautiful in a matter of minutes. Paint to your color choice and install. Plus, you can choose the size that fits your fence tube with confidence - satisfaction guaranteed!

Product Dimensions:     

1/2" (Fits over 1/2" Post)   Height: 4"     Base Width: 1"     Width: 1-7/8"

5/8" (Fits over 5/8" Post)    Height: 4"     Base Width: 1-1/4"      Width: 2"

3/4" (Fits over 3/4" Post)    Height: 3-7/8"     Base Width: 1-1/4"      Width: 1-1/4"