XL Contemporary Large Lamppost Sign

Enter the address number or text you want on your sign here. Text will be sized to fit space available (15 characters maximum).

The numbers are 6" in height and the aluminum blank is 8" x 20". Your address numbers are applied to both sides of the sign and can accommodate up to 7 digits. Can 911 Find Your Home When Every Second Counts? These large numbers can be seen at least twice the distance both day and night compared to the standard 4" numbers.

Great to attach to your lamp post, porch post, tree, etc,

The XL Contemporary Bracket is created with high-impact polypropylene.


  • Reflective numbers measure 6” each
  • Available fonts include elegant font and deco font
  • Can be attached using screws, bolts, or straps
  • Hardware for installation not included (feel free to contact us with questions about installation)
  • Bracket measures 18.5"L x .5"W x 10"H
  • Name Rider measures 20" L x 8" H