Excalibur Address Sign With LED Solar Light

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Custom-made to include your address on both sides. Made of high-impact polypropylene with Aluminum Name Rider, which never rusts or needs to be painted. Hand-crafted for maximum durability and reflectivity. Keeps your address number visible, day and night, and in almost any weather condition. The perfect address sign not only looks great in your yard, but it also should be able to reflect like a beacon in the night. Highly reflective address signs help emergency personnel find your home faster in a critical situation. This Excalibur Address Sign does just that, and it is built with engineer-grade materials to ensure durability and long-lasting use. Get your custom reflective address sign today! Specifications Stainless Steel bolts and powder-coated nuts. Steel tube post available in 2 lengths—47”, and 58” Available in 1 font style—Old English Comprised of high-impact Polypropylene, with Aluminum Name Rider for a wrought iron look and weather resistance. includes Solar Light and batteries. Looking for the highest quality reflective address signs for yards? Shop Address America today! Our Process This beautiful address sign can help save your life when every second counts. Address America began making the world's best address signs in 1992. Now, more than 30 years later, we still hand-make these beautiful signs with precision and care. We are proud of our signs and know you will love yours. We start the process of making your sign with a 3/4" steel tube, cut to the length you choose. That steel tube is then painted using powder-coated process painting that gives a beautiful black painted finish that is more durable than traditional painting processes. We then attach our exclusively designed polypropylene sign bracket to the post using stainless steel bolts and powder-coated nuts. This polypropylene bracket is made of the same material that is used to make automotive batteries and other products used in the most extreme environments. We use polypropylene to get all the beauty of wrought iron with none of the negatives. Our beautiful brackets never need painting and will never rust. They just keep looking beautiful, year after year. With the polypropylene bracket securely attached, we then custom cut your address number and name out of our premier super reflective material and hand apply it to both sides. To ensure long-lasting quality, we use engineer-grade material that is rated for at least 7 years of highway and interstate use. We never take shortcuts. Our skilled sign makers work diligently to ensure that every number and name is perfectly applied. To top it off (literally), we tap on a Solar Light at the top of your signpost to add a beautiful finishing touch.