A smoke detector that only works during daytime hours

November 16, 2016 2 min read

Does your smoke detector only work during daytime hours? Does your link to emergency help only work during daytime hours? You may want to check this out.

Having a non-reflective address sign on your house, mailbox, or in your yard is like having a smoke detector that only works during daytime hours. If your address sign is not highly visible and cannot be seen and read from hundreds of feet, you are putting your family at unnecessary risk.

The chances are higher that something bad will happen during the night requiring emergency assistance. You WILL want your address number reflecting like a beacon in the night when the emergency respond units are looking for you. Nice looking cast aluminum address plaques may be a nice decoration, but they are almost worthless in an emergency. So-called solar signs are more of a gimmick than a real solution. If the sun is out and the battery is fully charged, a solar sign will probably stay dimly lit until 3:00am. Eventually, though, the battery fails. A solar sign is almost worthless because, even with its dim lighting, it can not be seen or read from much distance. It is just a part time sign offering little real protection.

We have been perfecting address signs since 1992. We understand what works and what doesn't. All of our signs have designed to be highly visible day and night with our super reflective techniques. Address America signs last many years. We still see signs we made over 20 years ago looking good today.

You owe it to yourself and your family to eliminate this dangerous risk. We all hope we never need to call for help, but the chances are that one day we will.

Its simple to have your super reflective address sign delivered to your house in a matter of days. Installation is a breeze! Just tap your sign into the ground, and relax. You can rest easy knowing your home can be found faster when every second counts.


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