Excalibur Reflective Address Sign


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Product Description

Super reflective at night  This beautiful Excalibur Address Sign can help save your life when every second counts. Your address numbers will be displayed on both sides of the sign so that, in case of emergencies, your home can be found quickly.

The sign is available with a 48" or 60" powder-coated steel post.  Your address numbers are custom cut to 4" in height using engineer grade super reflective material. Those numbers are then applied to a high-grade aluminum plate and affixed to a high-impact polypropylene decorative bracket. We finish your sign off with a four-sided spire finial on the top of your post.

Easy assembly and installation. Just attach the bracket with the two included bolts and tap assembled sign into the ground.

This sign will be fully customized to show the address number you would like on it. Please enter your address number that you would like on the sign and add the sign to your cart. Please note that the numbers may appear smaller on the customization tool than they will when you get your sign. We will adjust the size of your numbers to fill the blank area of the sign.

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